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Thursday, June 28, 2012

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     PROPERTY SOLUTIONS LLC is a small business located in Albertville, Al.  We offer a second chance to people that have experienced credit problems or have not established credit.  We allow people to OWN their home regardless of previous or current bankruptcy, low credit scores, medical bills, divorce, and/or any other circumstance that has deprived them of the ability to acquire credit.
     If you have a job or receive government assistance and have a small down payment, we can get you in a home.  You do not have to be classified as a renter with crossfire cheatPokemon Flora Sky Final Version (U) PG Pokémon Games crossfire crossfire zp hack

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.  You can be an OWNER and start establishing equity immediately !  Contact Us and start building or rebuilding your credit today !  We CAN approve you and provide the keys to your new house in minutes !  

     The cost of owning a home with us is often less than or equal to your current RENT PAYMENT !  This is significant because we do not offer old houses or mobile homes and the quality of our homes are sure to please !  Consequently, our customers are so satisfied with their purchase that we rarely have more than 1 to 2 houses available at any given time.  The average vacancy for our homes is currently less than 2 weeks regardless of the local market.  Thank you for your interest in

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